Multidisciplinary Artist

Through textiles, acrylic paints, food, poetry, music, and film, I channel my creativity to elevate and center my community, while emphasizing the power of regeneration and collective joy

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My artistic practice is a testament to the power of expression and the celebration of diverse voices.

Through my work, I strive to elevate and center my community, bringing forth stories that are often overlooked or unheard. By collaborating with local community gardens, I find inspiration in the beauty of nature and the resilience of those who cultivate it. Painting pictures of the working class around me, I seek to honor their strength and highlight the often unseen aspects of everyday life.

But I am not confined to a single medium or artistic approach. I am a firm believer in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, and I am always on the lookout for fellow artists who share my passion for pushing creative boundaries. Together, we can embark on new journeys, blending our artistic practices to create innovative and thought-provoking projects that challenge conventions and ignite conversations.

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  • Sit Still Child- Independent Showcase (Solo)
  • From Vixen to Venus, Virtual Auction and Showroom (Group Show)
  • Art is Essential (Group Show)
  • Childhood Memories (Group Show)

everything is pink

Dimensions: 45 x 32

Concept: Conversations in the Salon

Year: 2019

I extend my creativity beyond the canvas, cultivating spaces of growth and joy


Collaboration is at the heart of my creative process. I am constantly seeking fellow artists to embark on interdisciplinary projects, where the boundaries between mediums blur, and new realms of artistic expression are discovered. Together, we can weave narratives that challenge conventions, insight conversation, and inspire change. Shoot me an email!

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52 O st NW Studio #107B

Washington, DC 20019